• Amanda Crystal Coast


We just crash into one another without turn signals with a GPS of coordinated choices

And somewhere in the collision of mangled pasts and derailed destinations you sit exposed

In all the maylay, your only hope is that the other driver sees you--really sees you

Maybe just maybe they can look past your inability to detail the dirt that has accumulated on your vessel

You pray they avert their eyes from the mess that falls between the seats and from the inconvenient spaces of places where your debri resides

Will they judge the cracks in your windshield or take heed that you ripped off the rear view because you've committed not to look back?

Your heart's only plea is

Won't you ride with me? Won't you reap the seeds I've sown?

Come and hit the road with me. See the world right here with me. Don't you Know life's not meant to be lived alone?

Perhaps you'll call this an ethereal encounter. A meeting marked with meaning. A divine appointment etched in the Big Guy's Big Book starring us

Or will you go about your way

To live and see another day

Thwart my efforts although I tried

You'll turn your head and say

I'm sorry I can't stay

And then talk of me as it was something you survived?

Painting by Anushko

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