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There are no mistakes

Updated: Jun 19

Mindset. It really is the key to all things. You can choose to view the world as a series of accidents, concidental meetings of people, one ball of chance and circumstance, and the occassional pause to take in your surroundings, or you can see it as an orchestra: a beautifuly coordinated construction of players who fuse together to create something masterfully beautiful and unique. I choose to see life as the latter. There are no mistakes. I live my life with the understanding that each day is a chance to impart my stamp. To play my part in this melodic symphony. Each day, I want to do my best,to contribute to the show. Currently, I am on the last day of a week of travel. I have met brides and grooms who for whatever reason were placed in my path. It was my job to culminate words on a day they will never forget: a day in which they declared that the individual who they stood hand in hand with was their person: their person to cry with, their person to laugh with and their person to fend off the ugly in this world. I have learned a lot on this trip. But the biggest takeaway is mindset. Life is not easy. Lets face it, it can be downright awful at times. I have no control over the nuances. I can't combat the cancers that eat away at my ambitious walk, but I can control the manner in which I address them. I can walk into a situation with my head held high. I can take a chance and introduce myself. I can seize an opportunity for growth and betterment, and I can walk away from anchors that weigh me down when my pace isn't their pace. Albeit action or inaction, I have choice.

Perhaps my favorite memory on this trip was what many would perceive as flub in a ceremony. One of my groom's had a beautiful daughter named Ava. Ava has Down's Syndrome. When it was time for Ava to walk before her new step-mother down to the ceremony, she tossed her boquet off a pier and then clung to the hip of her new mother as though her life depended on it. From an outside look, it appeared as though it was a delay in the ceremony. But again, mindset. I saw it for the beautiful display that it was. The bride: Renee, was placed in Ava's life. She was not obligated to her by blood but by design. Ava was born with an extra chromosone,not by choice but by design. When she clung to the hip of her mother nothing mattered: not the pomp and circumstance of a bridal march, not the waiting eyes of the witnesses, nothing. Ava's display was pure. It was one of human connection and authenticity. This was the display of the day to day that this family likely endured. It was perfect and genuine and profound. I marveled in the moment and felt real honor to marry Ava's mom and dad.

Mindset. How can we perceive the day and the experiences we encounter? God bless you little, Ava. Thank you for the memory.

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