When Love Nearly Made Me Lose My Composure

So, this sweet groom almost took me all the way out of my element today....

When we chatted beforehand, he appeared calm and collected and I wouldn't have guessed he would have made me lose my composure but boy did he!

Let me give you some background.

This couple had known each other since kindergarten. When they were in grade school, their relatives used to tease them about being girlfriend and boyfriend. By the time they caught feelings for each other in middle school, immaturity made them deny their affections to their family for several months. They wrote to me about their ups and downs in their decades long relationship including postponing their wedding twice because of Covid.

I knew this day would be special.

When I turned him around, so he wouldn't see her walk down the aisle, he began to shake. Her father was streaming tears and when she entered the patio, I tapped the groom letting him know it was his time to see his bride. This sweet man yelped a sound I did not expect that jolted me , and he sobbed openly and feverishly in front of his family and friends.

He had the whole place in tears, including me. Their love was just so palpable. What a memory and honor to share!

Love is beautiful and my job is magical. It takes a lot to get me off my mark, but he got me good.

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