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The Experts Behind Your Dream Wedding

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Côte de cristal d'Amanda

Fondateur et PDG 

Organisateur de mariage certifié et célébrant ordonné

As the CEO of Crystal Coast Officiants and Wedding Planners LLC, my dedication to creating beautiful and memorable weddings has only grown stronger. I have a passion for working with couples to create an unforgettable event that they will cherish for a lifetime. My team and I work tirelessly to make sure that every detail is perfect, from the flowers to the music to the catering. We understand how important your wedding day is, and we take pride in going above and beyond to make it as special as possible. Thank you for considering Crystal Coast Officiants and Wedding Planners LLC for your special day.

Agneau cristallin

Célébrant de mariage ordonné

Krystal est reconnue pour sa personnalité et son aisance avec les clients. Elle se spécialise dans la création de scénarios de mariage uniques et spécialement raccourcis qui illuminent chaque histoire d'amour unique, montrant qu'il n'y en a vraiment pas deux qui se ressemblent.

Bridals Accessories

Absolutely amazing. Sloan was great! He kept in good touch with us days leading up to our wedding. Easy people to work with and will make your wedding 10x easier for you.

Maria Thrall

Assistante de planification de mariage

Maria était une mariée devenue assistante de planification de mariage qui a un don pour l'organisation et un sens aigu de ce qui est de bon goût et approprié. Maria est surtout connue pour son souci du détail et sa capacité à aller au-delà de l'appel du devoir pour tous les clients qu'elle sert.

Misty Prebehalla

Assistante de planification de mariage

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Picture-Perfect Venues for Your Special Day

The picture features Butterfly Kisses Pavilion located in Newport, NC

Located in Newport, NC

This pictures features Carolina Colours Golf Course and Wedding Venue.

Located in New Bern, NC

The picture features the picturesque wedding venue The Beaufort Hotel.

Located in Beaufort, NC

Amelia Grove Wedding Venue

Located in New Bern, NC


Located in Goldsboro, NC


Located in Salter Path, NC


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